Partial attention on .. What?

Hi, Guys,

I just read Joanne’s post about how popular social software spreads out in our daily life. I totally agree with Joanne that SS is changing our life and getting involved into our work and study. I recalled that I read an article last year on Western News about that Huron College was discussing to ban laptop in class because of IM, Facebook and youtube. The school thought that some students might be distracted and won’t focus on class. I do admit that some students take their notes on laptop, while other students use laptop to check email, surf on websites, chat with friends, or watch youtube videos. However, I think that banning is a simple solution, but it’s not perfect. I read an article written by Robert Andrews and think it could be an alternative for some educators or school administrations. It seems that continuous partial attention on SS could be a good thing to your school work and supported by both students and faculty.


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