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After looking at all four blogs, I noticed that most posts on the blog do not have comments. In my point of view, the reason why blog is one of the social software is because people could share their thoughts and communicate on the blog. If there is no interaction, blog would be same as online news. Especially, Georgia State University Library does not allow people to post comment. Is it against the basic idea of using blog? If they think blog is a tool to post news, why they do not just build a regular website instead of using blog? Maybe they think using blog is fancy. In addition, I am not sure how often the blog administrator check those small number of comments. If you allow people to post comment, you must treat it seriously. Otherwise, maybe it’s better to shut down the comment function, just like GSU does. You might check out this blog. I noticed somebody left a comment one week ago, and there is no response.


One Response to “Blog or online news”

  1. alexandra Says:

    Hi Qingyi,

    I completely agree. I wrote about this in my first post this week.

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