Is Weblog new?

Because my group’s going to write a post on RSS, I decided to read “Weblogs: A History and Perspective” first. Rebecca mentioned in this article that a handful of sites identified as Weblogs started in 1998. In 1999, suddenly, the Weblog community sprang up. Based on my knowledge and experience, I could not agree her point, or at least, I’d like to extend the Weblog history a little bit further. Technically, Weblog is not new, and could be considered as the new generation of BBS (the same point shared in this article). I do not know how many people here have heard about or used BBS. BBS stands for bulletin board system. Basically, it does the same job as Weblog. For example, Rebacca pointed out the influx of blogs has changed the definition of weblog from “a list of links with commentary and personal asides” to “a website that is updated frequently, with new material posted at the top of the page. Is this new? Obviously it’s not. I suspect if Rebecca has used BBS before since this is the basic function BBS provides. In my point of view, I think Weblog just one type of BBS. BBS are considered as a public space, so any user could post ideas and comments. As a result, all threads are mixed together. With the development of BBS, people started to categorize the content, but each individual still does not have his/her own space. In order to maximize the exposure of one specific article, the author has to push the article (technically, you change the time stamp related to the article, so the system treats it as a fresh post and displays it at the top of the page). Is it tedious? Now, it’s time for some people to consider Weblog. Weblog is your own backyard and nobody’s going to compete with you on this site. So I think that Weblog is a personalized BBS and people like it because they think they have control on it. But people started to realize the problem brought by this private backyard – how to promote your Weblog. Rebecca said there were thousands weblogs, not knowing where to start. Therefore when you consider moving from a big BBS site (supermarket) to your own weblog (backyard), you might take a risk to reduce the awareness of your post while gaining control on it.  Is Weblog better than BBS? I do not think so. Just like apple and pear, people choose the one they like.


P.S. to those of you who do not know BBS, here is a site I regularly visit.


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