want to be a professional blogger?

After reading Alexandra’s post, I noticed that she wanted to know the qualification of a professional blogger. I did some research on this and would like to share my thoughts with you. Basically, a professional blogger is who’s making his/her living completely or partially online. Blogging is part of their job. These professional bloggers either work for themselves or are hired by other people.

I think the role of a professional blogger is very similar to a freelancer, who must have ability to communicate, passion to write, great knowledge on certain subject, patience to wait for the opportunity, and keen eyes to catch the right time, explore the market and promote the blog site.

If anyone wants to be a professional blogger, here is a little bit encouragement. I noticed the image was no longer there, but I can tell you that lee made $222,718.36 in three months.

Good luck, everyone.


2 Responses to “want to be a professional blogger?”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    Wow…thanks for the info Qingyi. Maybe we should all try our luck at becoming professional bloggers!!!

  2. blogging for business Says:


    At first glance you may be confused about the specifics but…

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