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Before reading this week’s articles about weblog ethics, I have never thought about this problem. But it does make sense after I read them. Every school, company or profession has its own code of conduct, why not weblog? Based on what Rebecca said, I have to admit that I didn’t exactly follow the rule. For instance, sometimes, I went back to edit my posted articles and did not publicly disclose my previous mistake.

Apparently, most bloggers do not treat weblog very seriously, and think it’s a personal space so they could be loose on citation and reference. If you are an individual, maybe nobody will be hard on you. But if we take this situation one step further, more and more blogs appear at companies and libraries. These blogs could be viewed as one official publication, just like newsletter or gazette. As a result, we have to consider the problem of copyright. Everyone knows it is not ethical if you infringe copyright, but nobody really takes blog  into consideration. There are more and more discussions about blogs and copyright. I have to say that copyright will play a very important part in blogger’s code of ethics.

Here is a link about what do you do when someone steals your content.


3 Responses to “blog and copyright”

  1. Lorelle VanFossen Says:

    You do not have to go back and “disclose” that you edited a post, but if you made a BIG mistake, like claiming someone was from Mars when they really were from Jupiter, then you have two choices. You can STRIKE out the error on the original post using the strike HTML tag which looks like this if it works or fix it in the original post and write a new post apologizing and bringing the error to the attention of your readers. Depends upon who is harmed and how much they are harmed by your error.

    Bloggers do know a lot about copyright and fair play. There are a lot of rules and a lot of guidelines out there, for anyone to read if they want, but who reads the rules nowadays? Still, blogging is no different from any other publishing media and communications tool. Place nice and play fair and do your best do do no harm. Isn’t that how all things should work?


  2. Joanne Says:

    These articles were a wake-up call for me too! The more casual nature of blogging had me thinking of it a bit differently than other publishing media. I will certainly be more concientious in posting photos, links, editing, etc. going forward! I think that you are right and these considerations become even more important once you transition to an ‘official’ library blog.

    I’m all for playing nice and fair and doing no harm! I think that many of these ‘blogging sins’ come out of simple ignorance or carelessness – a little awareness of the potential issues goes a long way!

  3. Marco Says:

    I have been thinking that the casual nature of blogs are a part of what it means to be a blog, perhaps being careful is what makes institutional blogs less communicative, and a little less dynamic and personal – all things thatmake good blogs, based on what we have read. Any thoughts?

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