five good blog sites

Darien Library Blog: I really like this blog which is one of the most well organizaed blog sites I have visited. This blog offers very good navigation system and provides the most recent post in each section. In addition, I like its pictures which might be helpful for some Visual impairment people. This blog also gives some basic concepts to its visitors and some people might benefit from these simple explanations if they have never used blog before.

Library Lounge: Although this blog does not offer exciting appearance, it does have some very interesting posts. Apparently, information one this blog is very creative and attrative. I really like the idea Netflix @ your library which I have never thought about before. In my point of view, this blog is worth to visit frequently and who knows you might get inspiration sometimes. I have to say this blog looks a little busy. Although it lists all teachers’ names alphabetically, which is easy to search, I do not like they list all categories. In addition, I noticed there is no comment section which might defeats the communication and interactive purpose. However, I really like the updated date which tells visitors if there is any new posts.

Gameblog: Based on the number of comments, it seems this blog is very successful. At least, this blog generates fairly amount of web traffic. I am not sure how they attract many visitors according to its design and layout, but my guess would be game is a good topic.

VCU library suggestion blog: VCU blog shows one way to interact and communicate with students by using library 2.0 technologies. This blog provides a space for students or other library patrons to share their thoughts and show some concerns about the library. If library administrative staff does take posts on this blog seriously, I am pretty sure the connection and relationship between library staff and patrons will be enhanced. Basically, this blog plays a role of guestbook, but extends to an online media, so people could see it virtually and discuss any issues without the restriction of time and location. I really like this blog and wish all libraries will follow.

To sum up, all these blogs are really good. Although some of them have flaws, it is clear that every blog has its strength. Obviously they all take their users into consideration and have found a way to attract visitors.


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