Should author post the photo and own a blog site?

After reading “Blog usability: top ten design mistakes in weblogs” written by Jakob Nielsen, I have to say some points are arguable. I am taking web design course right now, and some people who are taking 757 are also taking web design. We have already discussed Jakob Nielsen’s own website in the class, and he is a person who likes to post photos online. Maybe he thought it’s a good thing, like what he said “photo offers a more personable impression of the author and connects the virtual and physical worlds. Here is the link to his photos, and you could tell me whether you like it or not.


In addition, I more concerned about the internet safety. I don’t know if Jakob spent time investigating the profile of bloggers. What I know is that teenagers are the major player. Based on Perseus’ report “The blogging iceberg”, 92.4% is under the ago of 30 and half of bloggers are between 13 and 19. Apparently, more and more parents are becoming concerned about posting children’s pictures online. Stacy Shattuck also discussed this problem in article “Is posting Children’s Pictures online dangerous?


I also found self-contradiction in his article. He mentioned three weblog’s great benefits, and the first one is “free you from web design”. He said that bloggers only need to write a paragraph without considering visual design, page design, and programming. At the end of the article, he recommended people to have their own domain name and get their own personal blog. I have to ask that $8 per year he mentioned is only a personal domain name, is that all you need to set up your own blog? Obviously it’s not. You have to purchase the server, setup all software including operating system properly, install blog software and configure it correctly, and maintain your server, etc. Before doing anything, people have to evaluate its outcome. I don’t know how many people or companies have their own blog sites, but Western doesn’t have its own ( Should I, as an individual, own it? Please think about it.

P.S. Blog statistics and demographics



3 Responses to “Should author post the photo and own a blog site?”

  1. Shannon Says:

    That’s an excellent point you raise about blogging youths and safety concerns around revealing their identity. Nielson should have been careful to address that demographic seperately, and suggest that they post instead a “disguised” picture and not one that clearly and accurately shows their identity.

  2. amanda Says:

    I agree, you raise a good point about safety and exposing personal information.

    Re: registering your own domain & site – it really is as simple as Nielsen suggests. It might not cost $8 (cost varies greatly depending on the host you choose), but all you really need is a domain name and a hosting account, and your hosting provider usually takes care of the rest (server, software, etc.). Many hosts now also offer easy (and free) software downloads, making it even easier to host something like a wordpress blog on your own domain.

  3. PoelveCreerie Says:

    Sounds like a very interesting concept! I want make the best use of my wasteful clerk Do you want a joke? 🙂 What goes Ho, Ho, Swoosh, Ho, Ho, Swoosh? Santa caught in a revolving door!

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