Rojo vs. Netvibes

After exploring these two RSS aggregators, I noticed that they both collect numerous feeds and sort them into one single place. Therefore, some people could have one-stop shopping if they do not know where they could find the proper feeder.

Rojo lists all feeders into different categories and might help users efficiently find and read RSS feeds from different publishers. Honestly, I do not like Rojo. It does not have a good appearance and I feel overwhelmed after so many feeds show on the screen.

In contrast, Netvibes is much better. The design is very attractive and users could personalize the page. I really like its customization function. The site could identify where you come from based on your IP address and provide related information. For example, I am in Niagara Falls now, so it provided me the weather information in Niagara Falls and CBC news. In addition, all links and tools at the left hand side of screen are very helpful.



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