RSS, saver or killer?

Robin’s article raised a very interesting point “Is E-mail dead?” In my point of view, although a lot of people love RSS and do have big problems with Email due to ads and spam, it is impossible to replace one by another. These two tools are different and each has its own specialties. Just like Robin mentioned in the article, E-mail is a two-way communication medium and RSS is only one way. In addition, the history of E-mail is much longer than RSS, so who could guarantee that RSS will not have ads and spam in the future. I bet that the inventor of Email had never thought about using E-mail as a tool to spread ads and spam. With the development of RSS marketing, I could see the future of RSS would be same as Email, full of ads and some people might have already noticed that more and more articles about RSS marketing started to appear online and in the magazine. As a result, I think the integration of RSS and Email is a very good idea, so we could take advantage of both tools.

Here is another interesting article and the author believes “Social Media Will Save Email Marketing


One Response to “RSS, saver or killer?”

  1. Chris Lang Says:

    If you think RSS could be full of ads soon you are definitley right. Google is buying feedburner (a free and paid RSS feed generator) looking toward probably integrating AdWords and AdSense into user feeds.

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