Customized RSS feed – a wonderful tool

A proper layout and organization of webpage will be very helpful to visitors and it’s also true to RSS feed. RSS feed provides alert of new message, postings, or materials at the library and is very useful for researchers, students, and general user. I went to visit the Seattle Public Library’s website and examine its RSS options. Unfortunately the layout is not good and lack of visual impact. Because most people surfing online hardly read the text, most of them try to peek at the headline and several images in order to locate the proper information. There is not commonly used orange-color RSS icon on the page, so that visitors might not notice that RSS feed service is provided.

The RSS feeds service provided at EBSCO seems pretty good. It provides a customized RSS feed which is based on your search function and alerts researchers every month. I think this function is very useful for researchers who want to keep trace articles on similar topics or certain subjects. And ProQuest offers the similar service. It allows customers to integrate the latest articles in a particular field into the corresponding e-resources page. The RSS service provided at Engineering Village 2 does the same thing, and updates the information weekly.

As a user, I think the customized RSS feed is much better than the general feed because I could control the content received and the information is more relevant.


2 Responses to “Customized RSS feed – a wonderful tool”

  1. J.T Dabbagian Says:

    EBSCO provides RSS Feeds? How do you get them?

  2. Jill Says:

    I agree totally that customized RSS feeds are the way to go. Then you don’t have to read through the parts you don’t need–we don’t have infinite time in our days!

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