Wiki, a useful tool at the library

In my previous post, I mentioned that Wikipedia is not as bad as some profs said. Angela’s article backed up my points. She suggested that wiki could be used at the library setting as a tool to help manage knowledge. She pointed out that using a wiki was simple and straightforward. Users do not need extensive knowledge on web design or server configuration. Almost anyone who has Internet access could use wiki, even you are an elementary school student. She used Wagner’s idea “Wikis are a conversational technology, so they are effective when used for ad hoc problems with decentralized knowledge source.” and recommended that wikis could perfectly fit into a library as knowledge management tool. One potential use she proposed is to use wiki in library reference service. I totally agree with her. People who do not trust Wikipedia are mostly because they think the source of information is not trustable. So if we build up our own wiki at a library and librarians are in charge of selecting, organizing and verifying information, people might think it’s authorized. For example, she suggested that all of the librarians who teach library instruction classes could contribute to a library instruction wiki specifically tailored for their community of used. In my point of view, if librarians maximize wikis’ function at the library, our patrons would appreciate the usefulness of wikis and enjoy using it.


One Response to “Wiki, a useful tool at the library”

  1. Monika Says:


    I agree with your comments. People who are distrustful of wikipedia are probably going to be hesitant to trust a wiki as a tool. Libraries should adopt more social software tool as it is such an effective way to reach people. Look at Facebook, for example, people can connect with each other through friends or people they do not even know. Patrons, especially, would love to see that their library is keeping up with the Jones.

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