Case study

Before I talk about this week’s case study, I would like to say that apparently Western applies some polices to restrict Myspace access. I was at school on Monday and tried to visit Libraries on Myspace – myspace group. After using this site for about 15 mins, ITS kinked me out and told me that I was doing some suspicious activities and my account was suspended for two hours. I am not sure if anyone had this experience before, but obviously it happened on me.

Back to this week’s case study, I visited some sites (there are too many in MySpace & Teens – Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki). I think most of them are similar and noticed one common issue. It seems that friends on most sites are not library patrons for that particular library. In other words, the library setup Myspace or Facebook and wanted to target those teens or patrons in its community. However, most friends are writers, other libraries, or publishers. I looked many users’ profiles, and very few of them are teens. So I have to ask if these libraries did any study after they setup the site to research their friends. In business sector, managers always mention return on investment, so maybe this concept could also be used in social networking tools.


2 Responses to “Case study”

  1. Jeremie Says:

    Good point Qingyi!

    It makes us come back to the readings of this week (Farkas, Abram’s), and insuring that we do a good job at what we are producing.

  2. Elise Says:

    I agree about the need to evaluate progress and outcomes. Then, if things aren’t going as planned, find out what can be done better and make those changes.

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