some thoughts on games

Sara pointed out that leisure games and simulations can be used to support educational practices such as immersive learning and simulations could be used for specific training needs such as military, medical and health professions or business. In my point of view, these games and simulations could be separated into two different categories: pure leisure game and educational game. Personally I only have very limited experience with pure leisure game called “driving school game” and don’t think it really simulates the real world. On the other side, the educational game is very useful for learners to understand the basic concept and idea in certain fields. For example, when I studied my undergraduate degree, I used to have difficulties to understand how to operate binary, octal or hexadecimal numbers. I still remember I tried one educational game which gave explicit explanation and showed every single step in order to manipulate numbers. Diana also discussed these two different games and she called them educational game and traditional casual game. Diana introduced several attributes associated with games, social, research, problem solving, transfer and experiential. I’d like to only discuss some issues related to the social property of the game.

Presently, one of the most popular games is MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games). This type of game provides a collaborative game play and offers several different channels to players so that they could communicate each other. These channels include online chatting and text messaging. It potentially could cause safety issues. There are millions of children who are online playing MMORPG frequently and strangers could possibly approach these kids and threat their safety. In addition, MMORPGs often present realistic simulations of violence, so it is possible that these games could have effect on the moral development of some children.


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